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How to produce 300 kg of green fodder in 63 m2 every day of the year and provide fresh food for farm animals.

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NutriForraje is an application designed for Android devices (Phone / Tablet) that will let you know in detail the implementation of a project of Hydroponic Green Fodder. For anyone seeking alternative solutions to the problem of drought and shortage of fodder in the nutrition of their animals.

  • Tool to start their own project and implement it on their farm.
  • For anyone who does not have large tracts of land and want to find a nutritional alternative low cost in confined spaces.
  • Ideal to train, educate and disseminate experiences in hydroponic fodder production and be able to bring this knowledge to locations with shortage of fodder for cattle.
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Available for phones and tablets with Android 2.3 onwards. No Internet connection required for operation.

Press Release (Download here)

Infographic Hydroponic Green Fodder (Download here)


NutriForraje, It is an App very didactic, with an excellent pedagogy, conformed by illustrations, designs and investigations contributed by our team of work doing use of the technologies mobile information.

Here you will find a very complete and detailed design for the adaptation of an area of 63 m2 which produces on average 300 kg daily, from building the greenhouse to the design of the shelves, installing the piping, water recycling, installing mist irrigation system, cost of Production,... etc. This information will save much time trying to investigate the correct method of implementing a project of Hydroponic Green Fodder.


I am very pleased with this valuable information. I downloaded the application and I could complete my project feed for sheep and goats.

From Colombia, I am working to improve production.

Carlos Altamiranda

It has been an excellent resource and I've implemented throughout the year as the rainy season has changed a lot in Quintana Roo Mexico.  

Thank you very much for this project.

Juan Diego R.



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